How to engage followers on Facebook

We all hear about it – Facebook’s mystery algorithm that decides what content we see and what content our page followers see. I equate it to the communication and marketing equivalent of a scratch-off ticket. We know we can win big, but we have no idea what combination of content will get us there.   Facebook does reveal veiled insights into the algorithm. We can use those insights to increase relevancy for our business pages. The following tips are a compilation of information released from Facebook and the insights from our own analysis of what content works for us.

Facebook Analytics – Dig Deeper

  As business owners we have grown accustomed to the frequent phone calls, emails, and direct mail pieces from advertisers promising to take our business to the next level by way of a carefully crafted advertisement. Every time I get that phone call, I ask them to show me the data. I want to make … Continue reading Facebook Analytics – Dig Deeper