How to engage followers on Facebook

by | Oct 20, 2017

We all hear about it – Facebook’s mystery algorithm that decides what content we see and what content our page followers see. I equate it to the communication and marketing equivalent of a scratch-off ticket. We know we can win big, but we have no idea what combination of content will get us there.

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Facebook does reveal veiled insights into the algorithm. We can use those insights to increase relevancy for our business pages. The following tips are a compilation of information released from Facebook and the insights from our own analysis of what content works for us.

In case you haven’t heard about the algorithm, it is the filter system, of about 100,000 weights, that determines what users see in their news feeds. The algorithm examines what each individual user engages with and shows them content that it predicts will be of most interest to that user. Sure, it is a little creepy, but at least we don’t have to see every food and cat picture our crazy relatives share.

1) Selling on Facebook requires a balance! Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t want us to sell directly to our followers.

Facebook announced that promotional posts will move down a relevancy score. Low relevancy scores means our posts aren’t in news feeds. Facebook user research and user preferences for non-promotional content dictate the algorithm rule. Promotional content includes: posts that push people to buy a product, service, or install an app; posts that push people to enter promotions or sweepstakes with no true content; and posts that reuse the exact same content from ads. Plus, let’s face it, Facebook wants us to use its paid advertising feature.

Everything is about balance! Some of our CREE research with customers indicates customers follow businesses on Facebook for the purpose of knowing about sales and are offended when someone else finds out about a sale first. Remember to focus on building relationships, which can be hindered by constant selling, but some selling is an expectation of a business page.

2) Proof reading matters!

Negative feedback on a post will diminish your engagement and relevancy scores. Be sure to proofread posts for accuracy, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, be sure to double-check links before posting.

3) Create content that is going to engage your followers beyond liking a post.

Positive reactions, likes, comments, and shares matter to post and page relevancy. Reactions, those cutesy emoji’s, are now weighted so these affect post ranking more than a like – so give your followers something they can love!

You should also like your own content and comment on it to increase initial engagement. You can even log out of your business account and react to your content from your personal account.

4) Remember to share content that has personality, is social, and shareable.

Humans run businesses. Your business page should showcase your brand culture and personality. Don’t be afraid to post a fun meme or feature your employees and yourself!

5) Stop sharing links!

People engage far more with photos than links on Facebook. Create a fun graphic or image to share, then include the link in the post text or a comment.

Facebook will continue to challenge us to create engaging and interesting content. If we don’t rise to the challenge, our organic reach will continue to diminish on the platform. But, if you can keep wowing your audience with engaging and relevant content, you can continue to appear in your followers’ feeds.