Lessons from
COVID-19 Toolkit

Positioning regional food supply chains for future pandemics, natural disasters and human-made crises.

This project is supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, grant no. 2020-68006-33037, from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

About the Project

This Agriculture and Food Research Initiative is a multi-region, multi-institution research and outreach project that assesses the impact of COVID-19 on food and agricultural systems to develop strategies for coping with future crises.

Lessons from COVID-19: Positioning Regional Food Supply Chains for Future Pandemics, Natural Disasters and Human-made Crises is one of 17 projects nationwide to receive funding through a new program area of the USDA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, targeting rapid response solutions to the pandemic through applied research, education and extension activities.

Meet the key personnel that contributed to this project here. Learn more about additional personnel that contributed to this project here.


Throughout the project, we plan to accomplish the following:

Assess the impact of the COVID-19 on farm and food supply chain operations by understanding consumers’ behavioral response regionally and across the U.S.
Understand capacities and structural vulnerabilities of regional food systems to support their population needs.

Develop resources and strategies for current and future disruptions with supply chain stakeholders and experts.

Offer training programs for university Cooperative Extension personnel and others to strengthen support and understanding for local and regional supply chain participants at times of disruptions.

Webinars and Other Media


Other Resources

      Webinar 4: In-depth Reflections on Innovations in the Supply Chain and 

      Other Resources

          UF/IFAS PIE Center’s Science by the Slice Podcast Episode

          Combatting Interruptions in the Food System

          COVID-19 caused substantial interruptions to the U.S. food system, impacting both supply and demand. In this episode, agricultural economists Dr. Hikaru Peterson and Dr. Christa Court will discuss the current research they are conducting on COVID-19 and the impacts the pandemic has had on the U.S. food system. They will discuss the impacts on supply and demand, and how their research will prepare us for future potential food system interruptions.

            A Rare but Narrow Window

            Episode 4

            Dr. Oliveira’s intellectual formation is deeply interdisciplinary and transnational. Currently, he’s joined the University of California – Irvine to collaborate in the establishment of the Department of Global and International Studies. His team recently got awarded $1 million to study the impact of COVID-19 on food supply chains. Today he speaks on behalf of his partner Dr. Li Zhang and their entire team.

              UCI School of Social Sciences

              UCI ExpertsOn: Supply Chain 

              As we near the busy holiday shopping season, news of supply chain issues has many worried about shipping delays for hot item gifts. But is this delay something new or something that’s been a long time in the making? UCI global and international studies’ Gustavo Oliveira, assistant professor, and Li Zhang, researcher, dive into these and other critical questions about the global supply chain crisis in this episode of the UCI Social Sciences Experts On series.

                Florida Foodie

                Pandemic Costs State’s Farmers $895 Million, UF Professor Says

                Dr. Christa Court, director of the Economic Impact Analysis Program at the University of Florida, is an expert in regional economics and works in the school’s Food and Resource Economics Department. Court has been studying the impacts of the pandemic on the state’s growers and farmers.

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                  Written Resources

                  Executive Summary 

                  On May 5, 2022, our project team hosted an online conference to share the results of our USDA-NIFA COVID-19 Rapid Response grant. We developed this Executive Summary to serve as an overview of the conference content and as a high-level resource for active professionals like you in our ongoing quest to strengthen the U.S. agri-food system.

                  Download Factsheets

                  As a result of this project, researchers worked to develop factsheets that highlight key topics and research findings. Download these factsheets to learn more about how these findings can be applied moving forward.

                  Download Journal Articles

                  As a result of this project, researchers have worked to publish academic journal articles. Check back as we will continue to add more. 

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