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Want to improve your online presence by upgrading your new and social media strategies? Then the 2023 Insight Summit conference is for you! Learn how to collect analytics and which measurements matter, create compelling and engaging visual content to share online, and increase engagement with your audience and potential customers.

Get excited because the Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement (CREE) is coming to your home office! The CREE team is excited to announce that the 7th annual Insight Summit conference will be held September 2023. This conference will be offered as a virtual course with two live sessions for collaboration and hands-on training! Our team is eager to offer a high-quality learning experience for participants without the need for travel! 

  “This year’s Insight Summit will focus on changes to social media strategy needed to market effectively in the new online environment of 2023, including new research on supply chains and online selling,” said Lauri Baker, CREE co-creator and associate professor in agricultural education and communication at the University of Florida.  

Topics included are trends in social media, CREE research, building your business’s narrative, establishing a new-media baseline, analytics, e-newsletters, Instagram, e-commerce, improving visual content, cyber security, and more!  

“Insight Summit’s virtual course with live components experience will be our best conference yet. Last year, we had our first ever all virtual conference, and attendees expressed great feedback related to engagement and experience. With this and our continued experience in offering online trainings, we are confident 2023’s Insight Summit will be a success,” said Cheryl Boyer, CREE co-creator and professor of horticultural marketing at Kansas State University. 

Things you will walk away with from this conference: 

  • Access to an online course platform with printable worksheets and guides 
  • Membership to an exclusive Insight Summit Facebook group community 
  • An online strategy for your organization or business 
  • Ideas and plans for content development and delivery 

“We are excited to share this information with our audience and help them to create a functional and productive online strategy for their organization or business,” said Hikaru Peterson, CREE co-creator and professor in applied economics at the University of Minnesota.  

The investment price of attending Insight Summit is $199. You will be receiving hands-on experience in an interactive setting but from the comfort of your own home. All you need is access to a webcam and high-speed Internet to participate. Take back the trajectory of your business with the tools and strategies provided during Insight Summit. 

For Kansas-based participants in a food system business or organization, full scholarships are available through the KSRE Local Food Systems grant. Apply by August 31 by clicking here.

Take back the trajectory of your business with the tools and strategies provided during Insight Summit! Register now to receive a special package in the mail before the course kicks off in September! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I still register and participate if I am not available to attend the two live sessions?
Yes! All live sessions will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel as private videos. After each session, we will share the recording with you through the private Facebook group. Much of your learning will occur in the asynchronous portion of the conference, so if you cannot attend a live session, you will still have an opportunity to watch the recording afterward and complete the course at your own pace. 

How much time outside of the live sessions should I set aside to complete the asynchronous course? 
We suggest setting aside about 1-2 hours per week to work on the asynchronous course. We have split the course up into four modules that correspond with each of the four live sessions. There are four weeks in between each live session, so you should plan to spend approximately 4-8 hours total completing each corresponding module of the asynchronous course. 
Check out this article for more on how to participate in a virtual conference:  

What will happen during the live sessions?
The live sessions are our time for discussion and collaboration. This will be our chance to share with each other and ask questions, as well. These will be less structured and less information heavy than your typical virtual conference session. Instead, most of the formal learning will occur as you complete the asynchronous course. The live sessions give us a space to collaborate in a virtual conference setting.  

Are any course materials (worksheets, guides, quizzes) collected or graded?
We won’t ask you to formally turn anything in, but we will ask you to share in our private Facebook group so you can practice your skills and collaborate with others. Please complete any quizzes built into the course but don’t worry–they are not graded, but rather provide you with an opportunity to check your knowledge and provide us with valuable data to improve this conference in the future.  

How do I access the private 2023 Insight Summit Facebook group?
After you are registered and before the first live session, we will add you to the private Facebook group. Then we will direct you to the group throughout the live sessions and in the asynchronous course using a link.  

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Sep 18 2023 - Nov 02 2023

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