Agriculture E-commerce Kinetic Typography Video Series

by | Jun 9, 2022

As a source of knowledge on new and social media marketing for agribusinesses, The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement (CREE) has developed a series of educational videos that highlight key research findings on agriculture e-commerce. Unlike traditional videos that include a talking head or voiceovers, these videos explore an alternative form of visual communication called “kinetic typography.” 

Kinetic typography videos utilize motion graphics to animate text on the screen. These videos are both informative and entertaining – they present research highlights in simple language and capture the viewer’s attention with dynamic visuals. This effort not only increases engagement but also helps reach diverse audiences, such as those with a hearing impairment. 

This video series highlights research findings from our Agriculture E-commerce series focused on teaching business owners how to sell their products online. It is our hope that this video format is a fun and quick way to learn about current, research-based trends related to agriculture e-commerce.

This educational video was produced for our external audience of rural and agriculture-based businesses. More specifically, we have four main sectors within our target audience: (1) farmers and ranchers and other agricultural enterprises, such as agritourism and farmers markets, (2) independently owned rural-based businesses like garden centers and retail stores, (3) next generation of agricultural marketing professionals (undergraduate and graduate students), and (4) those involved in rural-economic development in private and public sectors.

Check out the CREE Agriculture E-commerce playlist on YouTube to learn more: