CREE Graduate Assistant Accepts New Position at CareSource

by | Jul 8, 2022

Meredith Oglesby began working with CREE during the Fall of 2020 and has recently accepted a new position as a Content Strategist at CareSource in Dayton, Ohio. Congratulations, Meredith! 

Meredith will be writing and reviewing member materials for the Medicare plans as a part of the member communications team for Medicare. Meredith’s main responsibilities will be creating and ensuring materials are in plain language for members to better understand.  

While working with CREE, Meredith was responsible for transforming our complex research findings into simple materials for Extension agents, producers, consumers, etc. Meredith has found her experience with CREE incredibly useful as she is now responsible for taking information about CareSource’s plans and creating materials for members so they can easily understand what is included and offered in their plans.   

Meredith also learned through CREE the importance of effective health communication plans and how food and health are tied together. Meredith finds this to be an important asset as she transitions into her new position and creates materials to inform members about the life services and healthcare plans that CareSource offers.  

Through her experiences, Meredith has found that she can not only apply many of the skills that she developed while working with CREE to her new position, but she can also recall her knowledge based on CREE’s COVID-19 research to find better ways to communicate and connect with CareSource’s members.  

Meredith’s thesis research and work with Dr. Lauri Baker – cofounder of CREE – focused on food insecurity and health outcomes and how they are related. Meredith is very passionate about using her experiences and skills gained while conducting this research with CREE in her new role to effectively communicate with members about different healthcare plans and life services offered by CareSource. 

Meredith is very excited to be surrounded by a great team of communicators who are like-minded and passionate about many of the same concepts. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.