Employee Spotlight: Aly Morrison

by | Jan 31, 2022

The efforts at Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement (CREE) are supported by many staff members and students that specialize in the areas of research, communications, design, and more. Learn more about these staff members and students who work hard to help advance the CREE mission!


Communications Specialist

Aly Morrison began working with CREE during her final semester of graduate school at the University of Florida. Post-graduation, she continues to work as a communications specialist with CREE.

Aly studied animal sciences, agricultural communications, and graphic design at the University of Florida. This combination may seem unusual at first, but Aly has a passion for visual science communication, so blending these disciplines was the perfect fit for her.

Aly’s role at CREE focuses on social media management and content creation. Her creative process starts with identifying the high points of the center’s research and transforming that hard science into visually appealing and easy to understand graphics. 

Aly shares this content on CREE social media to promote the center’s research findings and to educate our audience on relevant public issues related to agriculture and natural resource issues.

Through these experiences, Aly has learned the best practices for managing a social media account and creating content that organically engages diverse audiences. 

Aly’s favorite thing about working with CREE has been the opportunity to use her visual communication skills to help people make more informed decisions by bridging the gap between researchers and consumers. This role is perfect for her combined background because it allows her to be creative and analytical at the same time.

Aly is from Jupiter, Florida, where she enjoys going to the park with her dog, taking yoga classes, and engaging in creative outlets, such as photography and random arts and crafts projects.