Insight Summit 2019

The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement’s (CREE) 3rd annual conference will be held February 12-13 at the Alumni Center of Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. The CREE Insight Summit (previously New-Media Marketing Bootcamp) will have a greater emphasis on measuring/reporting impact using Facebook analytic data. Topics related to new-media marketing will include storytelling across platforms, basic and advanced analytics, social-media strategy, visual content, e-newsletters, and selling online. See the full schedule below. 

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Registration for the CREE Insight Summit:

  • Registration (through February 12): $279
  • Student: $99

Lodging available at the Bluemont Hotel & Holiday Inn


Tuesday, February 12

8:15 – Welcome

8:45 – Building your narrative: Storytelling across platforms
You have original stories to tell your customers. In this interactive session, you will develop your stories into marketing content. Learn how others tell their stories and help each other think through marketing challenges.

9:15 – CREE updates

10:15 – Break

10:30 – Social-media strategy
Take the time to examine your current strategy as well as plan future strategy. Assigning publishing roles, designating content creators, and addressing multiple audiences will all be considered in this session. The story telling skills you learned earlier in the morning will be vital as you develop a content strategy and plan content for two weeks!

11:30 – Lunch

12:00 – Keynote
Three academic researchers have been selected to showcase their research and recommendations through a Ted Talk style presentation. You will gain insight in cutting-edge research on new and social media and learn how to apply it to your business.

Check out our three academic researchers here! View their bios and what they will be talking about.

1:30 – Break

1:45 – Introduction to Facebook analytics: Measuring what matters
You have your Facebook page started; now how do you measure your wins and opportunity areas? Join us for an interactive introductory session on Facebook analytics and learn what works for your audience. This session will include a basic overview of terms and introduction to available Insights within the platform. This will be a solid introduction for those new to Facebook analytics and a good review for the more advanced.

2:45 – Break

3:00 – E-newsletters
E-newsletters are an effective way to deliver content to your audience. In this session we will dive deep and look at key performance indicators and explore how to make the most of your content. We will explore how to manage your audience effectively and reward the most engaged. We will also look at when it is time to say goodbye to those who aren’t engaging with your content.

3:30 – Instagram
Instagram is an excellent avenue for sharing and marketing information in a visual way. This session will allow you to explore if Instagram is right for your business and help you learn to navigate it better if you already have an established presence. You will leave knowing how to grow, measure, and evaluate your content in this engaging platform.

4:00 – Selling online
Come learn about the newest research on online selling. You will leave this session feeling more confident about the possibility of selling one or more of your products online. If you’re already selling online you will learn how to do it more effectively through the lens of what research indicates customers want in the online marketplace. Selling online is the perfect next step for anyone looking to increase sales and convenience for customers.

4:30 to 5:30 – Social hour
We have selected five academic colleagues to share recent new- and social-media research through a poster session. Posters will be focused on how your business can use the newest research in this area. Posters will be available for viewing throughout the day and during the social hour for questions. A people’s choice award will be given to the poster participant who the audiences deem the most useful for their business.

Wednesday, February 13

8:15 – Improving your visual content
Ready to step up your content with professional looking photos and graphics? We will cover tips and tricks for improving photos you take and introduce you to tools to make creating and curating visual content easier.

9:15 – Facebook Live
The fastest way to increase engagement on your Facebook page is through Facebook Live video. Sometimes going live can be intimidating, but we will break down the process and help you prepare and practice so you can increase your engagement with confidence! This session will break down the mystery of how and why you perform better when using live video and how you can use it to make the most of your content.

9:45 – Break

10:00 – Advanced Facebook analytics
Are you ready to take your analytics to the next level? Use this interactive analytics session to go beyond the provided Facebook Insights and gain a deeper understanding of how your Facebook followers engage with your content. Participants will need to bring their own laptop. Facebook accounts should have at least 120 posts with ideally over 1,000 followers to get the most out of this session, but if you aren’t quite there, we will provide data for you to explore and learn along with the group.

11:00 – Secondary platforms: Twitter, YouTube, Houzz, eBay, Snapchat, Yelp
Knowing what additional platforms you should have a presence on can be hard. This session will provide insight into how these platforms can work for your business and help you decide which (if any) you should add to your online portfolio.

12:00 – Lunch
This working lunch will include a wrap up and reflection on how you will implement what you learned over the next few month and set targets for your business growth. We will announce the people’s choice award for the poster session.

12:45 – Pulling it together: Aligning strategy with key performance indicators & reporting to stakeholders

2:00 – Presentation of Insight Summit certificates

2:30 – Adjourn

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