Let’s talk video!

by | Apr 28, 2017

Videos are a great way add flare to your social media platforms and increase engagement.Why are they good you ask? Facebook’s algorithm likes to gather and share the most relevant information for its audience and guess what? Video tends to be the content with the most engagement!

Video is measured by views, likes, and comments, as well as other engagement within the video such as expanding to full screen and adjusting the audio. So, there are several factors that influence Facebook’s algorithm to give top priority to video content.

But, where should you start with actually shooting the video and editing it? I have your editing questions covered with my list of top free and paid apps! I searched for mobile video apps that could be used to create and edit videos, and here were my favorites.

With that being said, go shoot some video and good luck! 

Video Apps

Free Video Apps

Video FX Maker – only compatible with Apple products, iOS 8.0 or later

  • Free!
  • It has a lot of fun and simple effects that can be added to the video easily.
  • Allows user to add text, music, additional effects and voiceover


  • The user can’t take video within the app.
  • The app. ran slow and kept quitting.
  • After navigating through the app, I noticed there were several locked effects that require payment.
  • Doesn’t have the screen rotation feature.
  • It has a limited exporting option.
  • Can unlock all the features for $3.99.

iMovie compatible with only Apple products, iOS 9.3 or later

  • Free!
  • Has a pop-up help tool that shows what all of the icons mean.
  • Has a lot of sound effects.
  • The user can upload any music or sounds.
  • Has many platforms to export to.
  • Can add text.
  • Great app to make a quick, short and simple video.


  • The theme options only worked through the background music and not on the video itself.
  • Limited effects.
  • The user can only manipulate the video in ways of cutting, adding music and filters and adding text.

Puppet – compatible with only Apple products, iOS 7.0 or later

  • Free!
  • It has a tutorial when you first use the app.
  • The user can trim the video right in the album when pulling the video.
  • The app allows the user to combine video by uploading all of the videos then recording over top of them to make a new video.
  • The user can add text and effects as the video is being recorded.
  • It has a drawing feature.
  • It has several exporting options.


  • Pay attention to the tutorial at the beginning, the app is hard to figure out.
  • There is a limited selection of effects and options.
  • There are no filters available.
  • It has an interesting, yet complicated way of combining clips.

PocketVideo – only compatible with Apple products, iOS 9.0 or later

  • Free!
  • The user can pick what type of project you want based on what social media platform you are using.
  • When you export the video, it prompts you to log in to the social media platform you made the video for and you can upload to it straight there.
  • Has a lot of features: text, stickers, drawings, voiceovers, filters as well as other things to manipulate the clip itself.
  • Can video within the app or upload a previous clip.


  • When the app asks to access your photos/video, the download took a long time.
  • There are so many features and it’s easy to get lost.

Paid Video Apps

Filmmaker Pro – compatible only with Apple products, iOS 9.0 or later

  • Can add illustrations and labels (basically clipart and various premade texts) and manipulate them to change the color, size, as well many other effects.
  • Can add text and work with it in the same ways as the illustrations and labels.
  • Easy to navigate through the app.


  • The cost $13.99, which includes all of the app features.
  • It seems free at first but prompts you to buy things in the app.
  • The user can’t really do much without the purchase.
  • Clipart and other effects are hard to find and are under illustrations and labels.
  • This app needs a pop-up help option because it is hard to know what all the icons mean.
  • The app has no filter option.

Pinnacle Studio – compatible with only Apple products, iOS 9.3 or later

  • The app has a pop-up help option to identify the icons.
  • This operates similar to Premiere Pro and has many of the same functions but much simpler.
  • It has a very advanced editing system and the opportunity to make really cool videos.
  • It has a layer option to where photos and videos can be placed on top of each other.
  • It comes with a lot of options for design.
  • The user can record video and take photos within the app.
  • The app has several export options.
  • The user can import projects, not just photos, music and video.


  • The cost is $12.99, but it can do a lot.
  • This is a much more advanced app so it’s harder to navigate through.

Luma FX – compatible only with Apple products, iOS 9.3 or later

  • The app costs $2.99.
  • It has some distortion effects similar to the webcam on your computer.
  • The app allows the user to trim clips, change how the video fits in the frames, edit audio and add effects.
  • It has many effects available.
  • This app has many more frame options than any other app I have seen.


  • The app costs money.
  • This app doesn’t have as advanced video editing as some.
  • The user has no option to add text.
  • It has limited options.

Vee – compatible with only Apple products, iOS 8.0 or later

  • The cost is $2.99.
  • It has a tutorial at the beginning.
  • The user can record within the app.
  • The user can change the speed of the clip, add filters, trim the clip and adjust the audio and frame
  • The user can add transitions.
  • The user can import their own audio.
  • The app has a lock option when recording is taking place, so you don’t have to hold down the button while recording.


  • Costs money!
  • It has filter packs that cost additional money.
  • There are not many free filters.
  • The app has limited features and options.

To summarize, my favorite video editings apps are….

Best free video app:

  1. PocketVideo
  2. iMovie
  3. VideoFX
  4. Puppet

Best paid video apps:

  1. Pinnacle Studio Pro
  2. Filmmaker Pro
  3. Luma FX
  4. Vee

Note: These apps are only Apple device compatible. If you’re looking for something PC or Andriod friendly, shoot us an email at newmedia@ksu.edu and we can help you find something that will work!