Age is Arbitrary? Three Things You Should Know About Generation C

by | Oct 27, 2016


There’s a multitude of ways to compare and classify people. Gender, age, race, geographical location, eye color, height – the list could go on forever. Recently, one of the most popular differentiated groups is the millennials.

Marketers, get ready to throw that group out the window because there’s a new target group in town. For so long, we’ve focused on millennials because we felt they were the ONLY people killin’ it on social media as we mentioned in our previous blog post Targeting the Millennials, By A Millennial. Update: they aren’t, as reported by some new research.

*Cue Generation C*

Digital analyst, Brian Solis, defined Generation C as the “Connected Consumer.” These cross-generational consumers create and integrate technology into their daily routines, and regardless of their age, share certain qualities.

Just when you thought you were getting the hang of marketing to millennials there becomes a new group of consumers to target. Don’t worry. Both of these groups have similar digital qualities. The only difference is that Generation C doesn’t have age restrictions.

According to Hootsuite Social Writer, Ryan Holmes, “you don’t have to be born from 1980-2000 to live on your iPhone or embrace social media.”

The concept of millennials in marketing is just too darn limiting. Here are three things you need to know about Gen. C.

  1. This group cannot be defined by any certain demographics like age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, geography, etc. It’s a mindset. It’s how active, engaged, and connected they are to the online community. People of Gen. C aren’t just consuming online content. They are creating and curating it.
  2. People in Gen. C aren’t relying on traditional media sources for news and updates. They are looking to social media feeds filled with their friends and followers. They trust, above all, content shared on their personal networks.
  3. Content is king with these people. Put away your conventional digital ads, and put on your thinking caps to get those creative juices flowing. Content needs to be original and personal. That could be in the form of a regular ole Joe (also known as a brand advocate) raving about your company, a viral meme, or a quick video showing your product/business at work. Don’t forget: if consumers put content out there for you, it’s only right that you respond. Give it a response, by liking, sharing or commenting to show your appreciation to the consumer.

Over a decade ago, this group of Gen. C was small and confined. Thanks to technology and high-speed Internet, now nearly everyone can be included in the Gen. C group.

Holmes said, “Let’s give the millennial group a rest. [Digital-savvy people] are absolutely not confined to a single cohort of craft-beer drinking twenty-somethings. We’ve tortured this millennial concept enough. For marketing, for hiring, for connecting—age is increasingly arbitrary.”

Long live Generation C!