How to Use Facebook to Increase Your Email Marketing List

by | Apr 4, 2016

Collect Targeted Email Addresses Through Facebook

In an earlier post I wrote about how to use your existing email marketing list to create highly-targeted and relevant ads to users on Facebook. In this post I will show you how to collect email addresses through Facebook. In a nutshell, we’re going to use Facebook and some third-party applications to create a targeted email list.

Short Stack

There are plenty of applications out there that allow you to create contests, offer incentives, and collect leads through your website and social media accounts. We are focusing on Short Stack for the sake of brevity, but a quick Google search will give you more than enough alternatives.

Short Stack creates a “landing page” on your Facebook account. Think of this as your digital email sign-up sheet at your POS. Once you have set up your third-party landing page, it’s time to select the target audience.

Set Up

Make sure you click “HD” for the best viewer experience.

Facebook Ad Type:

  • We recommend paying by the click and not the impression for this type of campaign. It may cost more, but you are getting your information in front of people who have a higher tendency to sign up for your list.
  • Like all campaigns, it is wise to conduct some A/B split tests before fully publishing your campaign to see what is working for you.

Targeting Your Email Collection Campaign Through Paid Facebook Ads

  • Target people within your geographic sphere of influence. If you sell only in person, limit your scope to a reasonable drive. For example, your advertisement could target people within 60 miles of Topeka. If you ship your products and sell online this will obviously be a much bigger area.
  • Target people who have interests that align with your products and services. Let’s build on our Topeka example. Our advertisement could now be displayed to people within 60 miles of Topeka that like CSA’s or butterfly gardens.
  • Make sure your audience is large enough to warrant a campaign. While there aren’t any “laws” or “rules” regarding how big an audience should be for a Facebook targeted campaign, you should make every effort to have your campaign reach as many people as possible. If your audience size seems very small, consider increasing your geographic reach or including more interests.

Call to Action

Have one specific call to action (subscribe) to attain the specific incentive (coupon) with a specific expiration date.

Follow up and Expectations

  • Set the tone for the future. Talk about what they will be receiving in the e-newsletter or email campaigns and how often it will be delivered.
  • Ask to be white listed.
  • Prep your employees to handle any increase in traffic or coupon use.

After the Campaign – Measurement

It is important to have some form of measurement program in place before you begin a campaign. While I don’t expect all of us to be experts in measurement, we need to identify a few metrics that help us gauge whether or not a campaign was a success or a flop. Before you hit the “launch” button, start with some of these measurements below.

  • Track open rates of future emails sent to these addresses.
  • Track the number of downloads from your campaign.
  • Track the increase in new website hits.
  • Track coupons redeemed at the store.
  • Track the increase in Facebook fans.