Trends in use of new-media marketing in ornamental horticulture industries
Publication Date: October 13, 2018

Peterson, H. H., Boyer, C. R., Baker, L. M., & Yao, B. 2018. Trends in use of new-media marketing in ornamental horticulture industries. Horticulturae, 4(4). doi: 10.3390/horticulturae4040032


Hikaru H. Peterson, University of Minnesota
Cheryl R. Boyer, Kansas State University
Lauri M. Baker, University of Florida
Becatien H. Yao, Kansas State University


Ornamental horticulture businesses in the United States (U.S.) face challenges to stay economically viable, particularly in rural areas. Marketing with new-media tools (e.g., websites, HTML newsletters, social media, and blogs) has the potential to increase sales over traditional methods of advertising. A survey was conducted to gauge the extent of the use of new-media marketing by ornamental horticulture businesses across the U.S. Responses from 161 businesses showed that marketing practices varied widely across business size in terms of expenses and the labor hours allocated. A majority of the sample (89%) were involved in new-media marketing, and all new-media users made use of at least one new-media tool. Facebook was used by more than 90% of new-media users, followed by the business’ own website, which was used by 82% of respondents. Respondents’ perception of how various new-media marketing tools affected sales followed the extent of use, in general.