Patty Reece, The Volland Store

Patty Reece creates connections with the community through her welcoming personality and knowledge of new-media marketing. Patty, co-owner of The Volland Store in Alma, Kansas, is one of the 2018 Boot Camp panelists.

Patty’s story with the Volland Store began 17 years ago when she and her husband, Jerry, established their second home in the country near Alma.

They would later purchase the abandoned building in 2012, with the intent of transforming it into an art gallery and community gathering place. She began posing renovation updates on Facebook in the Fall of 2014 as they revived the building.


Patty and her husband, Jerry, purchased an abandoned building in 2012 and transformed it into the Volland Store.

“I was astounded by the engagement it garnished,” said Patty.

Patty utilized the community excitement surrounding the renovation to build an audience for her current social media. Social media is crucial to building her business. People worldwide connect and engage with the Volland Store through new-media marketing.

Before starting her journey at the Volland Store, Patty was a stranger to new-media marketing. She noticed how involved social media had become in the lives of her friends and family members, and knew it would be an excellent way to spread the news of the Volland Store grand re-opening. After three years of renovations, the Volland Stare officially re-opened its doors in June of 2015.

In addition to Facebook, Patty also uses a website, e-newsletter, Instagram, and press releases to promote events at the Volland Store.

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The Volland Store is located in Alma, Kansas, and hosts a variety of community events.

“There’s an old line that says if you want to catch fish, you have to go to where the fish are and use the right kind of bait. I think that is really true with marketing any business. You must figure out whom your audience is and how to reach them. For us, Facebook has been the most successful.”

The number of visitors in the store increased after she linked the website and Facebook page. “A well designed and attractive website is key because it represents what your business is all about,” Patty explains. “It is very important to keep up-to-date and pay attention to the little details.”

Marketing for the Volland Store is now Patty’s specialty.

“My main objective to present during the New-Media Marketing Boot Camp is to relay to people how effective social media is for any business and how exponential the reach can be,” said Patty. “I did not know going into this how much impact social media can have on your business.”

Patty’s success in new-media marketing comes from trial and error without becoming discouraged. She is constantly trying new ideas and discovering what engages her audience.

Another key factor to social media is considering your budget. For Patty, Facebook was the most effective platform without breaking the bank. Each platform is different. Determine the most appropriate for your business by evaluating who your audience is.

Patty forged connections in the community by new-media marketing and brings real world experience to the New-Media Marketing Boot Camp this year.