Connie Mushrush, Mushrush Red Angus

As any rancher knows, within a ranching operation, the livestock always come first. But when Connie Mushrush isn’t tending to the 750-cow herd of Mushrush Red Angus, she loves all things promotion, advertising, and new-media marketing. She will share her insights as a panelist at the 2018 New-Media Marketing Boot Camp.
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The Kansas State University animal sciences and industry graduate is a self-taught marketer. Connie helps promote the family-owned and -operated ranch in Strong City, Kansas.
Connie started in the marketing industry in the early 1980s in educational toy sales. The sales position required her to attend marketing and salesmanship seminars.
“I knew I wouldn’t be selling toys forever, but also knew the skills I was learning would carry over into our cattle operation,” Connie says.
Later, Connie transitioned from selling educational toys to working on the ranch full-time. Connie now plays a crucial marketing role for Mushrush Red Angus. By focusing on the ranch, Connie has the opportunity to understand Mushrush Red Angus customers.
Connie discovered two distinct target audiences within the cow/calf industry: millennials, and their parents, the baby boomers. Connie tailors her marketing strategy to each generation. She focuses on keeping up with the trends and leveraging traditional communication tools.
Connie uses online and print marketing to reach her audience. Facebook, the company website, e-mails, print advertisements, post cards and mailers, and print and electronic versions of their sale catalogues are all a part of the Mushrush Red Angus marketing strategy that pass through Connie’s hands.
Though they adapt their communication to their target audiences, one thing remains consistent, their honesty. Connie and her family focus on elevating their qualities through sincere marketing. Mushrush Red Angus strives for brand trust built on authentic and honest relationships with their customers and followers on social media.
“Providing authentic information that highlights our products and doesn’t diminish others is our top priority,” Connie says. “We work hard to stay true to ourselves and our brand. As a mother, I have learned that in life you must say what you mean and mean what you say. It is the same way in marketing.”
Connie has years of experience in marketing and that combined with her extensive background with cattle, brings a new perspective to this year’s New-Media Marketing Boot Camp. She never stops learning and thinking of ways to better promote her family business. Connie will share her perspective and insights with boot camp attendees.
“Young businesses may think marketing is easy, but it’s learning process that never stops,” Connie says. “I lay awake at night trying to think of better ways to market our cattle.”