CREE Alum Accepts New Position as a Communications Leader at Toho Water Authority in Kissimmee, Florida

by | Jul 21, 2022

Olivia Doyle, a former CREE graduate student, has recently accepted a new position as a Communications Leader at Toho Water Authority in Kissimmee, Florida. Congratulations, Olivia!

Olivia will be responsible for managing social media platforms, coordinating involvement with external community events, and managing the communication internship program. It will be Olivia’s role to share Toho Water Authority’s commitment with the community they serve. 

While working with CREE, Olivia was introduced to advanced analytics at the Insight Summit conference and oversaw Facebook analytics for the Tree Research & Education Endowment (TREE) Fund. Olivia has found her experience with CREE incredibly useful, especially with social media strategy and evaluation. 

Aside from the communication and research skills, Olivia developed tenacity while working with Dr. Lauri Baker, cofounder of CREE, which will be a valuable quality to possess in her career. Olivia noted that especially in the community event portion of her position, she has already been presented with opportunities to utilize her tenacious character to bring events and plans to fruition.

Olivia discovered that her thought process has been rewired to ask more questions and she has learned to pivot rather than tossing out an idea or plan when it doesn’t go as expected.

Olivia can apply many of the skills she developed while working on her thesis research with CREE to her new position. She hopes to apply her analytics skills in her new role by regularly evaluating social media performance and making data-driven decisions to alter social media strategy to increase engagement and better connect with her audience.

Olivia is most excited to take ownership of projects in her new career and apply the knowledge and skills she has absorbed throughout her academic career. She is also very excited to manage the communication internship program. 

Olivia is very appreciative to have worked under incredible leaders and for having influential mentors like Dr. Baker during her time in Gainesville. Olivia looks forward to working with students in the future to help them develop their confidence in the workplace and enhance their communication experience. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!