5 Tips For Keeping Up With Content During The Holidays

by | Dec 8, 2016

It’s one of the merriest and cheeriest holiday seasons in the entire year. It can also be the one the most stressful and exhausting times of year for many. Especially those trying to be with their family AND continue their small business brand awareness in online media/make your store stand out/keep up with all the holiday season sales. Phew, I’m overwhelmed just typing all those tasks.

Well, what if you had to think less about the engaging content you were going to post and you were more focused on celebrating the season with your family and friends? You’re in luck, my friends, because I have a solution. I may not have a red suit or a fluffy, white beard, but I do have a present for all you small business operators this holiday season.

Use these five content ideas for engaging your followers this December.

  1. Christmas Letters – You know that one relative that always adds in a long letter about what they’re doing in their life and recent happenings with their Christmas cards? This is pretty much the same thing, but directed toward your customers. Give them a recap of the store’s year, new items/services added, any important details that you want to re-emphasize, and thank them for supporting your small business. Be sure to capture them with your words and wish them well this holiday season. This can be posted on the homepage of your website, on your social medias, or even in large posters throughout the store.
  2. Holiday Wish List Contest – This holiday season, find out exactly what your customers want but hosting a wish list contest. Have your followers share a festive image that represents your business and brand with a product of yours that’s on their wish list. After the allotted amount of time, close the contest and have the random drawing to select a winner for their wish list item. Not only will this increase engagement on your social media platforms, it will direct people to your website to check out the inventory to create their wish list. It will also be an added bonus for you to see what’s popular among your followers.screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-13-14-am
  3. Shine The Light – Spotlight employees to your customers with a profile on them. You can use many different angles to conduct these stories. You can highlight someone who has worked for you many years, a new employee, someone who goes above and beyond in their job, or someone who has an interesting position at your small business. This is an easy and fun way to personalize your business more and relate to customers.
  4. Holiday Hours – Create a variety of jolly graphics that contain your holiday hours to share throughout the season. More than likely, if a potential customer is looking for your hours during this holiday shopping season, they are going to go to the Internet to find their answers. Make the information easily accessible by frequently posting it or adding it as a header image to your pages.
  5. New Year’s Resolution – We all do this every year, why not extend it to your small business? Showcase goals and aspirations you want to reach within the next year. You could even include your customers in on this idea by seeing what they want to see in the next year or changes they think would be good for the business. Have a positive vibe to your post and keep your followers updated throughout the coming months of your progress.

Keep the holidays merry and bright this season with these content ideas for your small business’s online presence. How will you celebrate the holidays this December with your small business?