Social Media Marketing? Don’t Go Channel Surfing

When Should You Add Another Social Media Channel?

Have you been Woo Woo’d?

By that, I mean jumping into a social media platform that looks like the best thing since Facebook only to realize months later that your labor costs have amounted to nothing more than a collection of pretty thumbnails, sweet graphics, and wordy posts?

Woo Woo

Every time I speak or lead workshops to ag business owners I get asked the same question.  Should I be on _____? I answer with probably the most annoying answer ever given; it depends. After all, that’s the best answer. It’s utterly ambiguous, helpful, and useless at the same time.

Over the next week we’ll be posting tips and questions to help you answer this question yourself because the right answer really is, “it depends.” It depends on the unique characteristics of your business. The choice depends on your staff culture, your customers, your technical ability, your budget, and your location. All of these are all individual answers. This series will guide and assist you in answering these tough questions to make sure you don’t go Woo Woo.





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