Save the Date for our 2018 Boot Camp!

The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement is excited to announce the dates of the Second Annual New-Media Marketing Bootcamp. Mark your calendars for February 27-28 at the Bluemont Hotel. We are thrilled to have the conference in our hometown, Manhattan, Kansas.

Q&A Session with Bling Boutique- Finding What Social Media Techniques Work for Your Business

When walking through a mall, storefront windows with cute outfits or flashy displays can catch customer’s eyes and draw them in. But what about expanding? Local customers are the best, but reaching a large demographic, outside of your brick-and-mortar location, can boom your business. This is where social media and e-commerce come into play.

Smartphone Photography 101

Gone are the days where you have to hire a professional or purchase a fancy camera, download editing software to your computer and spend some serious time learning how to use it just for a decent photo. Here’s how to make sure your business’s photos rise above the rest.

Seven Tips for Integrating Social Media Marketing Into Your Garden Center

One common misconception about social media is that it's a "stand alone" advertising platform for your rural business. While social media can be an incredibly-profitable marketing tool, most experts agree that it is best used as a compliment to traditional media strategies by creating what marketers call an integrated marketing plan. We stumbled across a great article by … Continue reading Seven Tips for Integrating Social Media Marketing Into Your Garden Center