Jodi Oleen, Kansas Pork Association

Jodi Oleen brings 10 years of real-world experience and passion to the 2018 New-Media Marketing Boot Camp.  Jodi’s key to marketing in the agriculture industry is through digital communications and real relationships.

“The aspects I enjoy the most about my work is that no two days are alike and I get to create lasting relationships with a diversity of interesting people in the industry,” said Jodi.


Growing up on the Atlantic beaches of the Florida, Jodi discovered her passion for agriculture through an internship.

“I interviewed the top food 125 and farming producers in the state including ranchers, dairymen, orange growers, and food producers. After connecting with the people who grew my food, I knew I wanted to be involved in agriculture.”

Jodi carries the passion she found in Florida, to her work with the Kansas Pork Association to promote Kansas pork and assist producers. She works with all consumer programs including digital outreach, influencer outreach, and merchandising programs. Jodi primarily uses digital marketing to reach her target audience through social media, email, general web placements, and digital advertisement buying.

“In order to market yourself on social media correctly, you need a deep understanding of the group you are representing and speaking on behalf of. This allows your online voice to be knowledgeable and most importantly, compassionate,” said Jodi.

At the Kansas Pork Association, the target audiences include anyone who eats, lives near a hog farm, or wants to learn more about hog farming and how their pork is produced. Additionally, the organization has a targeted program to identify influencers in the online community. The influencers include chefs, bloggers, dietitians, food service professionals, and retailers. Kansas Pork Association offers education to influencers through online communities and face-to-face interaction.

“With our influencers, the organization’s goal is to create lasting, tried, and true relationships – not slamming them with marketing tactics,” said Jodi.

In addition to her busy schedule at the Kansas Pork Association, Jodi owns consultation service business focused on helping small business. She specializes in digital strategy and campaigns, online ad buying, influencer marketing, and relationship building.

Jodi’s biggest advice to Boot Camp attendees starting in new media marketing is to DO!

“The businesses that provide and look for simple solutions to real life problems for their customers will win. Moreover, the companies who can communicate effectively via new media marketing will be the companies who succeed. I truly believe that.”